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Reinvigorate Your Marketing Campaign As You Gear Up for Fall


Fall and the back-to-school season offer the perfect opportunity to do something new with your brand. It's the start of a new year for many businesses, students, and parents--and it can be a fresh new start for the marketing side of your company, too. By redefining your brand identity and shifting your marketing efforts to help you offer more to your customers, you can create a great end to 2017. 

1. Redefine Your Purpose

What is it that your brand offers customers that no one else can? How is your brand set apart from the crowd of others in your industry? With a global economy, you have competitors on every corner--but that doesn't mean that your brand can't offer something that no one else can. By redefining your purpose, both for your company and for your customers, you can change the way customers connect with your company and improve their view of you. To effectively define your purpose, make sure you're answering these questions.

  • What is your company's reason for being? What are you hoping to accomplish for your customers?
  • How does your company answer a customer's pain points and help them in their regular responsibilities?
  • What sets your company apart?

Ideally, you should create a short, simple purpose statement that will help define your company's goals and reason for being for both customers and employees. 

2. Change Your Connection

Marketing to millennials is shaped by personalization. They don't want the same email you're sending to everyone on your list or dry, boring Facebook posts constantly promoting the latest and greatest product. Instead, they want genuine connection with the company. Personalization goes far beyond using your customer's name or city in your emails. Instead, try some of these strategies that will help change the way you connect with your customers.

  • Segment your email lists. If you've already taken the time to create segmented marketing lists, look at the way they're segmented and see if there's a different way for you to appeal to varied groups of customers. 
  • Shift your social media posting strategy. Try, for example, posting questions that will engage customers or links to blogs. 
  • Offer blog posts that answer customers' questions or address subjects they've raised in the past. Give them the tools they need to help themselves as they move through the buyer's journey.

3. Experiment with Live Video

An increasing number of brands are experimenting with live video as an enhanced way to connect with their customers. Live video offers plenty of benefits--and if your marketing team isn't already taking advantage of them, now is the time! Live video allows you to directly answer questions while increasing the connection that many customers feel to your brand. Take customers behind the scenes, host a live product reveal, or provide a question and answer session that will give customers the chance to ask what they really want to know about your products. 

4. Be Clear and Consistent

Many of your inbound marketing efforts revolve around SEO. If you're struggling to raise your position in the search engine rankings for your brand, you're not alone! By remaining clear and consistent in the keywords you're choosing to highlight, you can change the way many customers are able to approach your brand. 

  • Take one keyword at a time. Dedicate blog posts to specific keywords, rather than trying to stuff the page full of relevant terms.
  • Create consistently great content. Search engines reward pages that are offering customers valuable information, rather than just throwing out keywords.
  • Do your keyword research to ensure that you're using the right keywords for your field. Check out what's bringing customers to your website as well as the keywords your competitors are highlighting. 

It's time to reinvigorate your marketing campaign, raising your connection with your current customers and bringing in new ones. If you need more help designing a marketing campaign that will meet your goals, contact us today to learn how we can help.


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