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What Does SEO Success Look Like? [CASE STUDY]


After a year of search engine marketing for a local commercial renovation contractor,  the numbers are nothing short of spectacular. Across the board they have seen a 23% increase in website visibility.

What Does 1 Year of SEO Success Look like?

Curious to see what kind of results we deliver for SEO? Check out this case study from one of our clients. After a little more than one year, they ranked #1 for 22 keywords and had a page 1 ranking on Google for 28 other keywords.

(psst...want a more in depth explanation of what these metrics mean? Contact us and we'll walk you through it!)

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 what does SEO look like - part 2.jpg

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Terry Rajaram
Written by Terry Rajaram
Terry is Hyperweb’s technology expert. He likes to educate in all areas of web development through his informative blog posts. Terry writes about the ever-evolving area of SEO to keep his clients as current as possible. He likes to go for a long run to help offset his time in front of the computer.